With the spirit of the bespoke traditions of Parisian haute couture houses, coupled with centuries old techniques, Mindy Lam crafts her intricate textiles of various metals weaving heritage, fantasy, and opulence, into tomorrows heirlooms and collectibles.

The fate of the unexpected works of art from these innovative textiles will not be that of lavish haute couture gowns only to be worn once, but expressions of everyday opulence that can be summoned at any time for an injection of fantasy to magically lift one’s spirits, confidence, or when its time to leave a unforgettable impression.


In the absence of machines, sketchbooks, and surprisingly, the absence of calloused hands, delicate fingers serve as the workshop that begins working only from the images of a dream as if instructions have been physically handed over to begin production on the next great work.


First comes inspiration from nature, classic cinema, or particular era in time, then come the pictures. As the blueprint is laid out in her mind, intricate details like color, shape, scale, and pattern appear. If adjustments and revisions need to be made during production, a new dream is had with images as the new instructions.


Each collection uses various metals, including but not limited to, sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled components, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, vintage rhinestones, with closures hand-imprinted with vintage lace. Other precious metals, stones, and diamonds are upon client request.