Chance For Life is DC’s best charity event experience – featuring a Texas Hold’Em poker tournament, celebrity chef tasting, and electric after party. The benefit event was created in 2005 in honor of Kennedy Snyder, who was diagnosed with an aggressive spinal cord tumor at age 2. What started with humble beginnings at a small club in Georgetown has grown to be one of best events in DC. Through it all, CFL gives no money to “general use” funds and has no administrative fees. 100% of all net proceeds directly benefit pediatric cancer research. Learn more about Chance For Life Foundation here


Chance for Life has teamed up with acclaimed jewelry designer Mindy Lam for a very special men and women’s jewelry collection. Lam was inspired by the strength and fight of cancer-survivor Kennedy Snyder to create a timeless piece of jewelry that would not only directly benefit pediatric cancer research, but also honors our connection to one another.

The necklace could be used worn together, but also disconnected to share with a loved one, or to someone that needs their spirits lifted to know they are not alone in their battle. The men’s lapel pin also allows men to share and stand in solidarity in the fight against cancer.

It is our connection and recognition of it, that we find strength and discover that  we come together and honor that connection. Chance for Life Foundation donates 100% of the proceeds from the collection.



Kennedy has always been a happy, social child. But, at the young age of just two years old, she was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor that spanned from C-2 to T-2. After a grueling 6-hour tumor resection surgery and an 18-month intensive chemotherapy protocol, it appeared that Kennedy was cancer free.
Just three short months later, the tumor returned back to its original size. Throughout the past eight years, Kennedy has gone through a number of chemotherapy protocols, countless holistic medicines and yet another tumor resection surgery. Unfortunately, the tumor still remains and has since spread through her central nervous system and into her brain.

Despite being dealt this terrible hand, Kennedy has maintained an incredibly positive and optimistic outlook on life. If it weren’t for the braces on her legs and the limp hand, no one would ever imagine that she has been battling cancer for most of her life. Her gift is her ability to inspire others with her “can do” attitude. Kennedy continues to make gains physically, however, her spinal cord tumor continues to grow. Support for research of spinal tumors is essential to finding a cure. It is a race against the clock, and every dollar counts.