Mindy Lam is please to partner with Becky’s Fund to prevent domestic violence and to find ways to change the behavior and thinking behind issues that cause and perpetuate domestic violence.Through this partnership, We have created the “Victim to Victor” campaign which is comprised of a variety of products to aid in spreading the mission, as well as an empowerment component provided by the built-in employment opportunity.

The “Victim to Victor” program will introduce Becky’s Fund signature product to serve as a symbol of hope and to bring awareness and support in the fight against domestic violence.

The handcrafted pieces will slightly differ but will embody the power of how human touch and compassion can save lives and truly make a difference.


The vine with Swarovski crystal leaves is a fun versatile option for those who may not want flowers. The style can be worn attached to the bracelet or necklace or even wrapped as a ring. The vine is a symbol of reaching out to others to support and to help, as we hope to spread the message and team up with others outside of Washington DC.

The lapel pin is a classic option for men or women, which also contains a vine, that can be worn everyday to work, casually on sports coats with denim, or even black tie affairs.

The handcrafted design is comprised of Petersham ribbon, which is a thick, stiff, flexible woven, corded ribbon, known to hold its shape, along with a magnet closure. The braided design represents the connection between, Becky’s Fund, domestic violence victims, and the community of heroes who support.


ABOUT Becky's Fund

Becky’s Fund strives to address domestic violence in all sectors of our community, establish prevention-based educational programs to counter domestic violence, and collaborate with others in the community to find ways to change the behavior and thinking behind issues that cause and perpetuate domestic violence.

  • Foster awareness: Help people understand the elements of domestic violence through education, such as its prevalence, why battered victims cannot always leave easily, and what can be done to fight against domestic violence.
  • Encourage advocacy: Encourage people to care about and help put an end to domestic violence.
  • Promote activism: Take an active role in helping battered victims find safety through counseling, education and legal representation.
  • Create support: Provide support for victims of domestic violence.

Find our more about Becky’s Fund here.