As the Queen, there are staples in each collection that personify the refined tastes and sophisticated elegance of this classic beauty. A penchant for classic elements and a refined use of florals, Mindy Lam combines fine detailing with ladylike glamour that exudes effortless grace and elegance.

Mindy Lam’s timeless works reflect the fairytale for every woman, no matter her style or story. Each season our collections speak to each woman and the many facets of her dynamic personality.


As the arbiter of all that is avant-garde, this daring character evokes the power and strength of the Hero. Playing the Hero in her own fairytale, she possesses the refinement of the classic beauty but with the seduction and passion of the mysterious character.

Mindy Lam combines fine haute couture detailing with edgy asymmetry, and fantasy for the valiant hero who desires everyday opulence and is fearless in life and in style.


Emanating charm, femininity, and a moderate extravagance, the Princess celebrates her youthful femininity by redefining style boundaries. She exercises her freedom with or without the use of color and texture, and playfully blurs the lines of what was once only considered for traditionally glamorous occasions, to now appropriating her jewels however she sees fit.

Mindy Lam’s innovative execution and unconventional creation of her sculptural   textiles, provide the jewels perfectly suited for the laid back luxury and adventurous story of a contemporary Princess.